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Readings, Reiki and Life/Success

  Coaching By Tangela

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Essentials Metaphysical Store

Essentials is a family owned and operated, fast growing metaphysical store in Douglasville, Georgia (right outside of Atlanta) selling 

crystals, candles, herbs, incense, singing bowls, jewelry, tarot/oracle cards, books, oils, soaps, bathes, dream catchers, teas, and other healing and manifesting spiritual products. 

Also, Reiki, Readings, Life Coaching, Energy Healing Sessions available with Tangela

Tangela serves each client by uplifting & empowering through the natural abilities of intuition, healing, and channeling messages. Get clarity & guidance to get closer to living the life you dream of & provide the support needed to get there.


Each Energy Healing session improves the flow of energy in & around the body enables peace & relaxation, reduces pain, speeds up healing, and reduces anxiety, stress, & other symptoms of illnesses. Puts you in balance and gets you unstuck. Remove bad karma and heal past trauma

My mission is to enlighten, reassure, & support clients in creating individualized sessions of clarity, guidance, goal, & plans setting in their lifestyle on health, career, love, finances, business, spiritual growth, healing, relationships, clarity, & happiness.

Intuitive Readings


Tangela is a intuitive psychic medium who gives accurate Guidance to help assist you on your life journey. a clairvoyant who helps you to move in a positive direction.


Guidance to help shed light on your destiny path for success, happiness, love, peace, career, peace, business & Health. Get messages from the other side from loved ones. Assist with developing your creativity gifts. 

Life/Health Coaching

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Tangela is a certified health/life coach assisting through a doorway of transformation. My premise is to be a Master of Habit change, physically, mentally, & spiritually. Inspiring, Encouraging, and Serving each client to achieve their maximum potential. Recognize & resolve your self-limiting beliefs & access your multi-dimensional potential.


Moving from past trauma's, mistakes, let downs, & disappointments.Discover your gifts and talents. Be empowered to live your best life ever.                                                                        

Reiki-Energy HealingSessions 

A safe, non-invasive form of hands on healing. 

Clear negative energy, healing mind, body, and soul. Align,  balance and clear your Chakras Reduce stress and anxiety. Relieve pain (physical, mental, & spiritual), strengthen the immune system. Helps you to relax and sleep.


Cut cords from your past relationships.


Increase energy, mental clarity, and remove blocks. Heal emotional, physical, & spiritual trauma.

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Transformative Readings, Success/ Life Coaching, and Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

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