Health & Wellness


A B O U T  M E

Intuitive Reader/Reiki Master/Coach

Tangela combines her intuition with the use of crystals, angels, spirit guides, & ancestors to deliver messages regarding insight,  direction, & healing.


Setting the intention to gain perspective on your current situation & the ability to move forward with renewed confidence.

Using simple, powerful Reiki energy which works on the mind, body, & spirit to enhance your bodies ability to heal, physically, mentally, & spiritually. Cord Cutting, Chakra Balancing, Clear your Aura, Release tension & stress so the body can Heal.



Tangela's abilities and connection is based in the Love, Light, and Healing Source Energy and begins with a brief prayer & meditation where she connects with the energy of the client, that of God, Spirit, Angels, Spirit Guides, & Ancestors asking to be provided with only messages which will serve in the greatest & highest good for those she is working with. 


Tangela is direct and forthcoming, yet caring and compassionate in the delivery of information provided to her.  

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