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Health & Wellness

Image by Ale Romo

A B O U T  M E

Intuitive Reader/Reiki Master/Coach

Tangela combines her intuition with the use of crystals, angels, spirit guides, & ancestors to deliver messages regarding insight,  direction, & healing.


Setting the intention to gain perspective on your current situation & the ability to move forward with renewed confidence.

Using simple, powerful Reiki energy which works on the mind, body, & spirit to enhance your body's ability to heal, physically, mentally, & spiritually. Cord Cutting, Chakra Balancing, clear your Aura, Release tension & stress so the body can Heal.

Heal mental, physical, and spiritual conditions which can improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Heal from childhood trauma, past relationship heartbreaks, abuse, and bad habits with cord cutting.

Gain a deeper sense of personal purpose and direction. Accelerate your spiritual development for your greater and higher good. Tap into your gifts, talents, and abilities. 



Tangela's abilities and connection is based in the Love, Light, and Healing Source Energy and begins with a brief prayer & meditation where she connects with the energy of the client, that of God, Spirit, Angels, Spirit Guides, & Ancestors asking to be provided with only messages which will serve in the greatest & highest good for those she is working with. 


Tangela is direct and forthcoming, yet caring and compassionate in the delivery of information provided to her.  

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